Making Drinking Coffee Guilt-Free

Our Coffees

All of Amongi’s organic whole-bean coffees are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. We use the historical method of coffee production that is shade-grown cultivation which is an earth-friendly practice, in which coffee grows under tree canopies, as it requires no chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides. The shade trees filter carbon dioxide, which causes global warming and aids soil moisture retention, minimising erosion.


Amongi's Coffee aims to go beyond promoting packaging innovation, focusing not only on the reduction of plastics but social and environmental impact in general. All of our pouches are 100% biodegradable, and decomposition occurs in just 10 weeks. The packaging is also made of high quality and eco-friendly materials with high oxygen and humidity barriers. What's more, there's a ziplock on the top and a compostable valve to give our coffee ultra-freshness by resealing it.

Project X

While we are working hard to serve consumers with premium quality coffee, we are also making sure that we support climate change, and the people through social activities. As a new company, at the moment, we have decided put together 10% of the profit from every 100 bags of coffee purchased through our website to help with reforestation, social activities, and supporting organisations in need whose missions are aligned with ours. Read about our first activity here.

Environmental Commitment


What is it?
It is the most effective way to minimise the environmental impacts we create. Start with small ways in daily life you can reduce your energy usage, water usage along with reducing your garbage, food waste, and plastic. The less materials and energy we consume and waste we create, the less demands we have on the environment.

What can we do?
To reduce the environmental impacts of our takeaway coffee cups, you can use less of them, or buy non-perishables in large quantities. This will decrease the energy and raw materials you are using as well as the waste you create.

We roast and supply our coffee in small batch production, so we can control the materials used and reduce the ecological footprint.


What is it?
Using something multiple times is much more sustainable than getting a new one every time you need it. Look around your home to find the various ways the products you purchase are packaged. Since you are paying for this packaging - why not make the most of it? If you cannot reuse an item, share it with someone else.

What can we do?
Buy products with reusable packaging. Take takeaway coffee cups as an example; you can replace your disposable cup with a reusable or biodegradable coffee cup instead. A reusable coffee cup is not only eco-friendlier, but it can also save you some pennies. As for biodegradable packaging, when composted properly, they are more environmentally friendly than other regular coffee pouches you see on the market.

Recycle & Biodegradable

What is it?
They are the best solutions to reduce wastes and help save the environment when we can no longer reuse something. As the vast majority of takeaway coffee cups and plastic coffee bags cannot be recycled, Amongi’s Coffee is taking steps towards the manufacturing of biodegradable packaging that reduces global plastic pollution and the number of landfill sites.

What can we do?
Aside from deciding to recycle items, you also want to make sure the items are recycled correctly. If there are instructions on the recycling bins, follow them at your best. NEVER put your recyclables in plastic bags and never put any plastic bags in your regular recycling bin.

Official Partner

One Tree Plant is a 501 charitable organisation with a mission to support global reforestation efforts. It builds on a network of individuals, firms and schools who donate either monitored or volunteer for the plantation of trees throughout the world.