[Project X]

The potential is unlimited when it comes to us corporations and what we can do to improve the well-being of the environment and the people. However, it will take not only one but several corporations that care enough about positive climate change to achieve this goal. That's why we're committed to work harder to tackle environmental and social issues that the world is facing today.

The Amongi's Coffee [Project X] enables us to match our input (revenue) to output (activities).

Our first activity: Reforestation

Reforestation is important as an effective mitigation strategy for combating global warming. In addition to benefiting the climate, reforestation helps to protect important animal species. Reforestation helps to rebuild habitats and alleviate degradation that pose a major threat to the health of the species.

For every 100 coffee bags of coffee purchased, 10% of the initial profit will be allocated to support reforestation in partnership with One Tree Planted.

The Amongi's Coffee [Project X] is an ongoing operation which may require improvement from time to time. Thus, input relative to outputs can vary depending on the performance and objective of the company.

Join Our Mission

There are many ways to contribute in our reforestation project. You could either buy one of our coffee to join the list of the 100 heroes or make a donation directly to our fundraising page. Regardless of your decision, once you have donated, you're automatically an Amongi's hero.