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About Us

Amongi's Coffee is a UK based social enterprise that specialises in coffee trading all over the world. We search the entire globe for the most truly unique organic coffee flavours so that our customers can feel they’re enjoying a truly premium product.

Amongi's Coffee is a life-long project to help transform people's wellness and well-being across the world. We also believe that we all have the power to inspire others to become their best.

Birth of Amongi's Coffee

It all started when our founder, Eddie John, visited Uganda for the first time after 13 years in March 2019.

Eddie was born and raised in Uganda until the age of 14 when he moved to Sweden. In Kamwookya, the metropolitan area of Kampala where Eddie was brought up, lies some of the worst environmental and health vulnerabilities imaginable. As a 10-year-old boy he had to witness countless tragedies, other children and adults in developed countries would never encounter. From illness and death ravaging the communities affecting children, familiar faces, and even loved ones. It wasn't a life he or his parents had wished for but it's the sad reality, and Eddie still carries the scar's from his childhood in his memories to this day.

As a result of plastic pollution and poor public health management, diseases such as asthma, pulmonary cancer (from inhalation of poisonous gases), liver damage, and kidney failure have tragically taken many people's lives. They are a major threat to the new generation.

His experience in the country made him realise how thankful he is for all the little things in life, and how much he could do to use his knowledge and experience to help those in need. Being raised in the slums of Uganda, where plastics are still shockingly one of the leading causes of illness (and even worse, death), Eddie really wants to make a difference and help through social impact.

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Mission & Vision Statement

To provide our consumers with the finest coffee, reduce our ecological footprint, help preserve nature, and support people in need through social impact. With conscious consumerism and sustainable lifestyles in demand, Amongi's commits to serve its customers with products and services that are a 100% green and harm-free.

Our Values

Positive impact on our environment and society.

Work closely with producers and partners to provide customers with premium quality coffee.

Involving customers with the company's efforts to fulfil the mission of having an environmental and social impact.

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Our Approach To Sustainability


Reforestation around the world is one of the most effective ways of reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere to tackle the global warming crisis. In areas where forests have been lost or degraded, reforestation is the best way to accelerate the recovery of forests. In addition to this, lost habitats of various species can be rebuilt.


Electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing types of waste in the world. In Amongi's Coffee, we are genuinely concerned about sustainability; we are reusing and repairing our defective machines. Our packaging is durable with a carrying handle for the convenience of our customers and is designed to replace the quantity of disposable coffee bags in landfills.