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Brexit Covid UpdateNew trade regulations as of January 2021, procedures, and COVID-19 have resulted in delays. Please be advised that there may be a delay in your order's delivery. We thank you for your understanding.


To make the world a better place, we are working hard to change the future for the better. We're questioning every material and process at our disposal and looking for healthier alternatives. This is a strategy that includes eliminating all plastics from our packaging and deliveries.

At present, we are excited to announce the progress of our revolutionary, new coffee packaging technology. We have recently developed a pouch that is able to degrade naturally within ten days.

ZERO PLASTIC DELIVERY is currently only applicable to coffee deliveries at a cost of £4.55.
The coffee is delivered in our biodegradable pouch and plastic free mail box.

Customers also have the option of choosing a cheaper alternative, which is currently £3.99.
The coffee is delivered in our biodegradable pouch, plastic free mail box but wrapped with our third-party delivery partner's branded recyclable plastic bag.

Additional information
Sadly, zero plastic deliveries does not apply to other products, especially those that are not branded with 'Amongi's or 'Amongi's Coffee.' However, we take the relationship with other companies/brands seriously, which is why you will only see in our range that none of the products we offer are single-use.

To ensure our business has a positive impact on the world, we adhere to several sustainability practices that are specific to us. These measures include selling our own products and creating high-quality, environmentally-friendly packaging for our coffees.
Restricting ourselves from selling certain products that are not our own brand, and creating 100% plastic-free packaging, are just some of the big measures that have been taken to improve our footprint on the world around us.