Hario Mini Mill + Coffee GrinderHario Mini Mill + Coffee Grinder

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Hario Mini Mill + Coffee Grinder

Hario Mini Mill + Coffee Grinder The Hario Mini Mill+ Coffee Grinder is an entry-level grinder that guarantees a consistent grind every time you brew a fresh cup of coffee....
V60 Craft Coffee KitV60 Craft Coffee Kit



V60 Craft Coffee Kit

A great Hario Starter Kit, the V60 Craft Coffee Kit features everything you'll need to start making great tasting coffee. Includes:  1x 02 Plastic V60 Dripper 1x 600ml Server 1x...



Moccamaster Cup One

Moccamaster Cup-one is a recent innovation in the series Moccamaster coffee machines of Technivorm. The pulsating part of the heating element provides an optimal water/coffee contact time. Moccamaster Cup-one brews a good...